COMPACT truck scale

High measuring stability of the COMPACT truck scale consists of a weighbridge and a digital measuring system. It can be a perfect choice for both an overrun and pit truck version.

The weighbridge of the COMPACT truck scale is a steel-and-concrete structure, which guarantees a high stability of measurements and resistance to environmental impacts. The steel part of the structure consists of a frame made of IPE profiles, whereas filling and surface are made of C35/45 W8 F150 concrete, fulfilling the following standards PN-B-03264/2002, DIN 18203, PN-EN 13369F150.

The measuring accuracy is ensured by a measuring system, made of a set of rustproof load cells, as well as a weighing scale indicator no. 3590 with a touchscreen. As soon as the COMPACT scale is activated, Conformity Assessment (legalization) is performed, i.e. a legal confirmation of the scale’s correct calibration and authorisation for its use for commercial purposes.

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