a very mobile Truck Scale

  • User friendly assambling and disassambling

  • Modular construction, length up to 18m and more, capacity 50t and more

  • Rapid installation with a forklift - in just 3 hours

Miary i Wagi - (MiW) - The Trend Setter in Truck Scales Business

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UNITED - A Very Mobile Truck Scale

3 days

Quick Installation

No civil works, just a levelled existing road - and Go!

modular scale

Modular construction

It is possible to arrange many configurations of modules: 6m-12m-18m-24m

3 weeks

Delivery guaranteed in just 3 weeks

We are providing scales in 3 weeks to the customer.

united truck scale
truck scale loading

Main benefits of the United truck scale

  • Quick Installation

    It's important if you need a truck scale immediately

  • Comfortable and Fast Delivery

    Lowcost moving of weighing system, lowcost transport, even 3 pcs at once

  • Unloading with a Forklift

    Forget about hiring big cranes - a forklift will do the job

  • Zero Construction Works

    Use existing surface with parameters of a roadway or our prefabricated foundations for installation on gravel

  • Best quality - laser cut parts

    Safe and durable structure, an investment for lifetime with intensive work

  • Mountings always for your Favourite kind of loadcells

    Weighing bridges are suited to work with all sensor types

  • Zinc - To work and look forever young

    Protection with hot-galvanizing as an option

  • Customized Branding

    Branding weighing bridges with your company Logo

Assembling options of the UNITED truck scale

It is possible to install the UNITED truck scale in very simple ways

  • 3 options of the assembly:

    - on the existing surface
    - on prefabricated foundation ramps
    - on fixed foundation

  • 3 options for ramps

    - portable metal ramps
    - portable prefabricated foundation ramps
    - fixed concrete ramps

united scale

prefabricated ramps
fixed ramps
metal ramps

Equipment options for the UNITED truck scale

GSW UNITED software for weighing operations on truck scales

  • Addictional options:

    - Automatic Vehicle Identification System
    - Automatic Vehicle Identification Terminal
    - IP Camera
    - Barrier
    - Traffic Lights
    - Remote Display
    - Message Terminal
    - Ticket and Report Printer
    - Truck Scale Management System

united system

Drawing of the United truck scale

modular structure of the scale - 18 meters of length, capacity 60T

60t capacity truck scale Model with guide rails



Pictured story - installation step by step

The Company Miary i Wagi

Miary i Wagi - (MiW) - The Trend Setter in Truck Scales Business, family origin corporation, producer of steel weighing bridges, concrete and steel-concrete weighing bridges and accessories prefabricated for the assembly of scales

Rich technological background, modern production line, experiencing three generations, friendly staff
Fitted solutions for the time, reliable measuring electronics, increased accuracy of reading Simple portable scales and advanced systems for unattended weighing

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